List of Wave Names after the Bäder-quartier

Little Easy just after put in at the hydro measure station
Rock around the rock Playrock at the newly constructed wall on the Ennetbadener side
Big Easy right in the middle of the river, just after the bend @ the ‘Bäder Quartier’
het Pontje at the trees on the Baden side
Top of the Weier (Wire) just where it says!
Candlestick obvious & BAD
Hard to Get downstream from Top of the Weier, in the middle of the river,..entrance/surf
very level dependent, pure heaven when it’s right!
Oederlin Ledge (aka ‘Head Banger’) the wave right at the start of the slalom area
der Surfwelle right in the middle of the Oederlin slalom course

* after Glenn and Guus

(Unfortunately some of these waves disappeared because of the reconstruction of the Oederlin slalom course. But the new course really compensates for this disaster!)